Dodge and Burn: how to master one of the most vital photo editing skills


Dodge and Burn in Camera Raw and Lightroom

Adjustable Dodge and Burn

Camera Raw and Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush offers a very convenient way of selectively adjusting the brightness of an image.

After selecting, click on the part of the image that you want to adjust and then adjust the settings in the panel on the right. Ticking the Show Mask option at the bottom of the panel reveals the area affected by the adjustment.

Graduated filter effects can be applied just as easily. Select the tool and click where you want the strongest section of the filter effect and drag to the point where you want the effect to end.

Then use the sliding controls on the right to adjust the impact of the filter.

PAGE 1: What is dodging and burning?
PAGE 2: Get to know the Dodge and Burn tools
PAGE 3: Adjustable Dodge and Burn
PAGE 4: Dodge and Burn in Camera Raw and Lightroom


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