Fine art photography: how to shoot – and print – an elegant portrait at home

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    How to print your fine art photography

    How to print your fine art photography: step 1

    01 Open Print Studio Pro
    We used Canon DPP, which we opened, navigated to our image and selected File > Print with Plug in > Print with Print Studio Pro. If you can’t see this option in the menu you’ll need to install the plug-in on  your computer; you may also need to upgrade your version of Canon DPP, which you can do for free via Canon’s website.


    How to print your fine art photography: step 2

    02 Select your paper
    When you’ve launched Print Studio Pro, work down the list of settings. First select your printer, and then go to Media Type – this is the paper you’re printing on, so we selected the Matt Photo Paper option. Set the Paper Size (ours is A3), and make sure Print Quality is set to High.


    How to print your fine art photography: step 3

    03 Match the paper type
    If you want to adjust the size of the image or the layout you can do so under the Layout menu. Next go to the Colour Management settings, and make sure the Printer Profile matches your paper type; the other settings can stay as they are for now.


    How to print your fine art photography: step 4

    04 Print a test sheet
    Next scroll down to the bottom of the Colour Management tab and select the Pattern Print option. This will open a new dialog. Here we can create a test sheet that shows us what settings we need to adjust to get the best results.

    Make sure Colour is selected for the first option, and that Print in All Directions is selected. Change the Pattern Size to Medium. Click Print to print the test sheet – make sure it’s on the same paper as your final print will be.


    How to print your fine art photography: step 5

    05 Colour management
    Check the test sheet in daylight to decide which image looks best. Each image has a code below: this shows you how much Cyan, Magenta and Yellow you need to specify in the Colour Management box to get that results.

    We’ve circled our selection, and we need to add 10 Cyan, 5 Magenta and 5 yellow.


    How to print your fine art photography: step 6

    06 Brightness and contrast
    Once you’ve added the required colours click the Pattern Print option. This time in the dialog select the Brightness/Contrast option, and keep the Pattern size small. Print another contact sheet, and again select your preferred image.

    The codes under these images show how much Brightness and/or Contrast you need to apply. For our image we added 10 to the Contrast. Add this setting to the Colour Management profile. Once everything is complete click Print.

    Final Tip
    It’s a good idea to set aside a few sheets of each type of paper you use as test pieces. You can then select a small strip of typical detail from an image and print it as a test strip, fitting several strips onto each sheet. This will take away some of the guesswork, and save you time and money.

    PAGE 1: Set up to shoot and print fine art photography at home
    PAGE 2: How to edit your fine art photography
    PAGE 3: How to print your fine art photography


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