Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: 12 things to know about Nikon’s full frame cameras

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    Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: What we think

    Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: What we think

    It’s difficult to find a direct rival for the Nikon Df, either within Nikon’s own range or outside it. It combines a beautiful retro design with good specifications. The D4 delivers image quality that belies its relatively modest pixel count, and we expect the Df to do the same.

    The specifications fall some way short of the other full-frame DSLRs in the Nikon range, but it’s all too easy to end up chasing ever-higher numbers simply for the sake of it and overlook other, less tangible qualities.

    The Df is more expensive than Nikon’s conventional DSLRs, but not by much, and its compatibility with pre-AI lenses shows that Nikon takes its heritage very seriously. The Df could prove a collectors item not just for its own sake, but because it’s a chance to get a fully-working DSLR with a proper link to the past.

    If your DSLR is a tool that you use for a living, you’re unlikely to be moved by the Df and what it offers, but if you love the whole process of photography and not just the end result, the Df could be just the camera you need to re-ignite your passion for taking pictures.

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    PAGE 4 – Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: Size, Battery, Price
    PAGE 5 – Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: What we think


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