Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: 12 things to know about Nikon’s full frame cameras

Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: 12 things to know about Nikon's full frame cameras

Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: 04 Movies

The Nikon D610 and D800 are both built for movies, shooting full HD at a range of different frame rates, and with external microphone and headphone sockets built in. The video above – Joy Ride, by Sandro – was shot on a Nikon D800 and used at the camera’s launch to promote its crisp, clear filmmaking capability.

The Nikon Df, by contrast, has no movie mode at all. This is a bold move in an era where movie modes have become a standard fixture on all DSLRs, but it makes sense in a camera aimed at enthusiasts born and bred in different era.

Many photographers don’t use the movie modes they’ve got, and many would rather not have them at all.

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Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: 05 Lenses

The Nikon Df price tag

The Nikon Df price tag will be £2749.99 / €3350 for the 50mm f/1.8 kit, with a release date scheduled for 28 November.

The Nikon Df’s link with the past isn’t simply a branding exercise. Its lens mount includes an old-style collapsible metering coupling lever which establishes a mechanical connection with old, ‘pre-AI’ Nikon lenses going right back the the launch of the Nikon F mount back in 1959.

Not many photographers will still have lenses of this vintage, but if they do, the Nikon Df will give their treasured optics a new lease of life. This will give Df particular appeal to collectors.

The Nikon D610 and D800 do offer compatibility with older Nikon lenses, but only up to the first AI models which appeared in 1977.

This is likely to be more than adequate for most users, but the Df does nevertheless win this round on points.

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Nikon Df vs D610 vs D800: 06 Memory/storage

Sony A7R vs Nikon D800 comparison: 04 Build Quality

The Nikon Df uses a single SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot which is, arguably, enough for most users’ needs, but the D610 has twin SD/SDHC/SDXC slots while the Nikon D800 has one slot for SD/SDHC/SDXC and one for Compact Flash.

Professional photographers might feel the need for two memory card slots, but most amateurs and enthusiasts will get by perfectly well with one.

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