Animal photography: how to set up your camera for expressive portraits

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    Final tips for expressive animal photography

    Final tips for expressive animal photography

    Go wide!
    If you want your animal portraits to have a natural look it’s best to use a longer zoom setting, but you can also go to the other extreme and swap to a super-wide-angle lens for more comical effects. You’ll need to shoot lots of frames because it’s very difficult to plan the effect – just get as close as you can, and be on the lookout for wet noses and sloppy tongues!

    Get the nose sharp
    The important bit to get sharp is the animal’s nose, not its eyes!

    Try manually pre-focusing on the spot you’re expecting the animal to appear in, rather than always relying on Continuous Shooting mode to catch a fluky photo. Depending on the animal and its behaviour, you can have a much higher success rate this way and it saves time on the computer.

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