Digital Camera World hits 1m monthly unique visits, among 10 most visible UK photo brands online

    | News | 01/11/2013 10:35am

    Digital Camera World reached the 1 million monthly visitor mark in October, capping a year of solid growth as our team reached out to new audiences around the world.

    Digital Camera World hits 1 million unique users in October, named one of 10 most visible online brands in UK photo sector

    What’s more, a recent UK Consumer Electronics Intelligence Report named Digital Camera World as being among the 10 most visible brands in the UK Cameras & Camcorders market over the past year, sitting amongst brands like Amazon, Argos, Jessops, Sony and our sister website TechRadar (p23).

    The report also lists Digital Camera World as among the top 10 Aggregators, along with Moneysupermarket, Pricerunner and Pixmania, for brand-related search impressions, according to Google.

    We hope you excuse us this rare moment of self-congratulation. We are ecstatic about the news and pleased to know that the content we work so hard on is enjoyed by so many people.

    We’d like to thank all of our readers and everyone else who helped us achieve this success for their valued support.

    We’d also like to thank all of our clients who have advertised with us over the past year.

    We look forward to delivering you the best photography techniques, reviews and a few more surprises over the next year!


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