Tilt-shift photography: how to use 1 lens for 6 very different effects

    | Photography Tips | 30/10/2013 00:01am

    Tilt-shift photography effects: 04 Toy town effects

    Tilt-shift photography effects: 04 Toy town effects

    This effect is usually achieved by pointing the camera down, and then tilting the lens up.

    It’s often most successful when shooting from a high viewpoint, as this means that you can angle the camera more than when shooting at the same level as the subject.

    Tilting the lens upwards means that the plane of focus moves in the opposite direction to the way that the subject is positioned, producing an extremely shallow area of sharp focus.

    This tilt-shift photography effect is most pronounced when using wide apertures, and you will also need to refocus on the area that you want to be sharp, because tilting the lens completely alters the focus settings on the lens.

    PAGE 1 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 01 Correct converging verticals
    PAGE 2 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 02 Panoramic shots
    PAGE 3 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 03 Avoiding obstructions or reflections
    PAGE 4 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 04 Toy town effects
    PAGE 5 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 05 Sideways tilt
    PAGE 6 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 06 Increasing depth of field


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