Tilt-shift photography: how to use 1 lens for 6 very different effects

    | Photography Tips | 30/10/2013 00:01am

    Tilt-shift photography effects: 02 Panoramic shots

    Tilt-shift photography effects: 02 Panoramic shots

    Using the shift movement you can produce a series of images that can easily be stitched together in software such as Photomerge in Photoshop.

    Once you have positioned the camera, all you need to do is to take three shots, one with the lens shifted left, one centred and one right.

    This tilt-shift photography technique can’t produce the extremely wide panoramas that can be done by rotating the camera, but because the camera is in a fixed position they are easy to set up and stitch together.

    PAGE 1 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 01 Correct converging verticals
    PAGE 2 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 02 Panoramic shots
    PAGE 3 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 03 Avoiding obstructions or reflections
    PAGE 4 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 04 Toy town effects
    PAGE 5 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 05 Sideways tilt
    PAGE 6 – Tilt-shift photography effects: 06 Increasing depth of field


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