Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

Best Photo Apps: Alt Photo

Best Photo Apps: Alt Photo

The iOS app Alt Photo comes from the respected Photoshop plug-in gurus at Alien Skin. It joins the roster of existing apps that’ll give your iPhone photos a film feel, but it’s a step up from your average ‘analogue snap’ photo app.

Choose from over 50 film styles, Lomo looks and retro borders, then tune effect intensity, crop to any size and save at full resolution. It’s nippy too, but won’t cost you a penny.

Price: Free
Download this photo app:
Score: 4/5

Best Photo Apps: TriggerTrap

Triggertrap review: use your smartphone to control your camera

There’s not really a great deal that a smart phone can’t do these days, and thanks to Triggertrap, it can now also be used as a remote shutter release for your DSLR.

Remote shutter releases are handy for setting off your camera without you having to touch it (introducing shake), or for setting your camera up near something that doesn’t appreciate human activity, such as wildlife, or the finish line at a sporting event.

Several kits are available to connect most current Canon and Nikon DSLRs to your phone while the Triggertrap app takes control.

In addition to standard single-shot and long-exposure release modes, the app also includes a highly customisable time-lapse intervalometer and an impressive DistanceLapse function.

This works in conjunction with your phone’s built-in GPS to snap only when a set distance has been covered. There’s even scope for taking long exposures in HDR (high dynamic range) mode.

In the field Triggertrap performs reasonably well, but a laggy interface puts something of a dampener on the user experience. We’d also like an option to turn off the phone’s screen during long time-lapse sequences to help conserve battery power.

Triggertrap isn’t the only device of its kind – ioShutter is a very similar product, but sports a slicker interface and is generally more pleasant to use. Triggertrap is significantly cheaper, but unfortunately the cost-cutting shows.

Price: £27.50 (+£2.99 for app)
Download this photo app:

SCORE: 3/5

Best Photo Apps: Photography Week

Best Photo Apps: Photography Week

After establishing itself as one of the most successful photography magazines on the iPad, Photography Week is now available on the iPhone, and has been redesigned to make the most of the platform.

It features video guides to technique and the latest gear, practical advice for improving your shots and more, and you get your first five issues free!

Price: Free
Download this photo app:
Score: 5/5 (OK, so we may be a little biased!)

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