Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

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    Best Photo Apps: Scoopshot

    Best Photo Apps: Scoopshot

    Having a smartphone by your side makes it easier than ever to capture a newsworthy shot.

    With the aid of Scoopshot you can upload an image or video of breaking news, set your price and offer it for sale – Scoopshot only publishes shots for 48 hours to keep content fresh.

    Journalists and media companies can view your profile and may send you tasks if you fit their requirements.

    Price: Free
    Download this photo app:
    Score: 4/5

    Best Photo Apps: Foap

    Best Photo Apps: Foap

    Have you ever fancied making some money from your photography? Submit your finest shots to the attractive Foap website where each is given a flat rate $10 (around £6.50) download fee.

    However, Foap takes a 50 per cent cut of this, and to maintain overall content quality you’re forced to rate five photos from other members for each shot that you submit.

    Uploading is also restricted to the Foap iPhone app, making it tricky to upload DSLR images.

    Price: Free; earn $5 per image
    Download this photo app:
    Score: 2/5

    Best Photo Apps: Percolator

    Best Photo Apps: Percolator

    Coffee-themed Percolator turns your photos into mosaics of circular bubbles for a beautifully unique stylised pattern effect.

    Variable transparency and bubble size makes the effect as extreme as you like. Anything from a subtle bubbly overlay to full-on impressionist hallucination is possible.

    Enough other customisation options are available to tweak your look without things getting baffling, and it’s all wrapped up in a slick and simple interface.

    Price: £1.49
    Download this photo app:
    Score: 5/5

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    PAGE 2 – Best Photo Apps: Photosynth; Pro HDR; Hueless
    PAGE 3 – Best Photo Apps: PhotoCalc; Canon Lenses; Blipfoto
    PAGE 4 – Best Photo Apps: Scoopshot; Foap; Percolator
    PAGE 5 – Best Photo Apps: Pashadelic; Awesomize; Shoot&Learn
    PAGE 6 – Best Photo Apps: Alt Photo; TriggerTrap; Photography Week
    PAGE 7 – Best Photo Apps: Adobe Photoshop Touch
    PAGE 8 – Best Photo Apps: Blux Photo Pro


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