Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

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    Best Photo Apps: PhotoCalc

    Best Photo Apps: PhotoCalc

    Calculating correct exposure times, hyperfocal distances or depth of field can be a tricky business, but these are all equations that PhotoCalc can perform in an instant.

    This photo app can also use your location properties to determine local sunrise and sunset times and even includes an extensive glossary of photographic terminology.

    The only obvious omission is an option for calculating long night-time or ND-filtered exposures.

    Price: £1.99/$2.99
    Download this photo app:
    Score: 3/5

    Best Photo Apps: Canon Lenses

    Best Photo Apps: Canon Lenses

    The Canon Lenses photo app is a database of nearly every current and recently discontinued Canon lens, which can be grouped by type or quality. You can then sort each category by price, focal length or aperture.

    Select a lens and you’re greeted with detailed information on filter thread diameter and weight. Many lenses are also accompanied by links to professional online reviews.

    Price: Free (£0.69 ad-free upgrade)
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    Score: 4/5

    Best Photo Apps: Blipfoto

    Best Photo Apps: Blipfoto

    Blipfoto is a community for sharing photos of personal significance. The aim is to upload a meaningful photo each day to create a photographic timeline of your life.

    Now, thanks to the Blipfoto app you can also view other members’ images on the go.

    The general quality of photography is impressive, yet it can often be the background stories that are the most moving.

    Price: Free
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    Score: 5/5

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