Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

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    Best Photo Apps: Photosynth

    Best Photo Apps: Photosynth

    The Photosynth application enables you to pan an iPhone or iPad up, down and around, taking images automatically. You can then merge the shots into one impressive 360° horizontal and vertical global panorama. At least that’s the theory.

    In reality, the photo app actually works best when you use it in wide- open spaces with plenty of varied surrounding scenery.

    Smaller or more uniform environments tend to confuse the software somewhat, which unfortunately results in a misaligned and unusable final image.

    Price: Free
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    Score: 3/5

    Best Photo Apps: Pro HDR

    Best Photo Apps: Pro HDR

    Pro HDR is a great little app that creates true High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos by taking two separate shots of the same scene – one for the highlights and another for shadows – and quickly blending them together into a single HDR shot. You can create stunning full-resolution HDR images with just a single tap.

    Colour and contrast are easily fine-tuned, but the app usually does a great job by itself, with seamlessly merged highlight and shadow areas – even if the latter often suffers from some high- ISO image noise.

    Price: £1.49
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    Score: 4/5

    Best Photo Apps: Hueless

    Best Photo Apps: Hueless

    As with apps like Instagram, Hueless gives your photographs a retro feel by taking them in black and white. The app achieves this live, as you compose, meaning there’s no post-processing required.

    Customisation options include exposure and contrast adjustment, colour filters and a choice of aspect ratios.

    Nippy shot-to-shot performance makes Hueless a pleasure to use, while its results give a decent simulation of monochrome Lomo-style film images.

    Price: £1.49/$1.99
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    Score: 4/5

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