Pictures of autumn: how to shoot Fall colors and textures in close-up

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    4 ways to improve your macro pictures of autumn

    Autumn Photography Tips: 23 Brave the weather

    01 Make an early start
    On cool mornings, many insects are less active, making them easier to photograph. There is also a better chance of finding fungi and foliage in tip-top condition early in the day. Wind is less of a problem at this time too.

    02  Seek out perfection
    When shooting close-ups, any imperfections are magnified and are instantly obvious and distracting. So remember to take time to search of a perfect specimen or shoot from an angle that shows the best side of subject and hides any blemishes.

    03  Pack a punch
    Many leaves and other foliage reflect some light from their surface, which can lead to washed-out colors and a lack of contrast. The best way to eliminate this and make the colors more punchy is to fit a polarising filter.

    04 Add extra light
    Fill-in flash is a good way to liven up an image where the subject is poorly lit. You can use your camera’s built-in flash for this, but you’ll get much better results from an off-camera flash fitted with a diffuser. Doing this will soften the shadows and enhance your image.

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    PAGE 2: How to add quality to your pictures of autumn
    PAGE 3: Create abstract pictures of autumn
    PAGE 4: 4 ways to improve your macro pictures of autumn


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