Pictures of autumn: how to shoot Fall colors and textures in close-up

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    Shoot abstract pictures of autumn

    Shoot abstract pictures of autumn

    By going in close on a small part of the subject, you can add a sense of intrigue to your pictures. Frame the shot with a tight crop to concentrate on the most interesting part.

    If possible, eliminate the background altogether or use a wide aperture setting so that it is recorded as an out-of-focus block of color.

    Composition and form are what matters here, so be as abstract as you like! Concentrate on strong color combinations, textures and form.

    Use natural lines or shapes to lead the eye through the picture – an overcast sky is ideal, as the diffused light reveals maximum detail in the subject. Low-angled side lighting is effective, creating light and shade across the subject.

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    PAGE 3: Create abstract pictures of autumn
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