Learn Photography: classic tips and tutorials for shooting popular subjects

Learn Photography: classic tips, tricks and tutorials for shooting popular subjects

Learn Photography: Travel

79 travel photography tips you shouldn’t leave home without

Before you go on your holiday, wherever it is, make sure you read these 79 essential travel photography tips, with crucial advice on everything from packing to the best camera settings for your destination.


8 common mistakes all photographers make on holiday (and how to get it right)

8 common mistakes photographers make on holiday (and how to get it right)

Many photographers have to fit their hobby around a full-time job, so their annual vacation is the perfect opportunity to spend some time taking photographs.

In the seventh part of her ongoing series about how to avoid making classic photographic mistakes our head of testing, Angela Nicholson, takes a look at some of the problems photographers encounter on holiday and offers some expert advice about how to avoid them.


Photos from airplane windows: get killer shots every time you fly

Photos from airplane windows: tips for getting killer shots every time you fly

It’s always tempting to try and take aerial photos from airplane windows when traveling. Though it might seem like you’re quite limited in what you can do in this situation, there are a few ways you can ensure you get quality snaps. Here are our tips for getting killer photos from airplane windows every time you fly.


8 essential travel photography accessories - airline-friendly bag

What to pack: 8 essential travel photography accessories to take on holiday

We’d all be travel photographers in an ideal world, paid to crisscross the globe on a rich client’s tab and take stunning photographs of exotic locations. Sadly, for most of us the reality is rather less perfect.

Nevertheless, some travel photography is better than no travel photography so when you get to do it, you better make it count. Here we’ve compiled what we believe are the 8 most essential travel photography accessories you should pack for any photo holiday.

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