Learn Photography: classic tips and tutorials for shooting popular subjects

Learn Photography: classic tips, tricks and tutorials for shooting popular subjects

Learning photography isn’t a journey you should have to take alone. Below we’ve gathered some of our best photography tips, tricks and tutorials to help you learn photography fundamentals in all of the popular genres.

Learn Photography: classic tips, tricks and tutorials for shooting popular subjects

Learning photography is a path that’s different for everyone. And this is one of the great misconceptions of photography. Looking at other photographers’ work and hearing how they achieved it can sometimes give the impression there is one way – or, rather, one right way – to do things. But like any subject, we all learn photography in different ways.

Whichever direction your path takes as you learn photography, know that you’re not alone. Not only are there thousands like you, but you also have us!

Here at Digital Camera World we’re dedicated to providing photographers at all levels with no-nonsense, jargon-free tutorials to help you overcome those nagging problems that have been plaguing your photography.

Consider this post a digital encyclopaedia of all our best photography tips and tutorials for all of the popular genres of photography. We’ve started it off with a mix of some of our most popular and some of our personal favourite tutorials, and we’ll continue to update it over time.

Learn Photography: Landscapes

10 quick landscape photography tips

10 quick landscape photography tips

Improve your photos with our expert help. Here are 10 quick landscape photography tips to help you give your pictures a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re new to digital photography or just searching for new photo ideas, our quick and easy landscape photography tips and camera tips will help you take better pictures with the minimum of fuss.


The 10 Commandments of Landscape Photography (and how to break them)

The 10 Commandments of Landscape Photography (and how to break them)

When you first start out in landscape photography, observing a few of the classic conventions can really make a difference to the kind of results you get. Just knowing how to adjust aperture so you get maximum depth of field in an image is a big help, as is understanding some of the classic theories of photo composition.


14 photo editing tricks and tips every landscape photographer must know

14 photo editing tricks and tips every landscape photographer must know

In-camera technique is, of course, important. But your prowess in the digital darkroom is increasingly crucial to the success of your images and crafting a look that defines you as an artist. This is especially true with landscape photography. In our latest photo editing guide we offer 14 photo editing tricks and tips that every landscape photographer must know.


How to photograph anything: best camera settings for landscape photography

While you’ll often have time to experiment with camera settings when shooting landscapes, it’s still good to have a starting point. In this guide we show you how to set up your camera to achieve maximum depth of field, shoot a sunrise or sunset and add motion blur to subjects like moving water.


Landscape Photography Tips: 12 promises every photographer should make

12 promises every landscape photographer should make

No more driving to the local scenic spots during your lunch break, parking in the car park and walking 20 paces or so to lazily shoot the same old view that every other visitor to the site does. In this guide we reveal the benefits of getting up at dawn to shoot sunrise scenes, making the effort to trek up mountains for better views, and the joys of seeking out bluebells in a forest, lone trees in fields and surging waterfalls.


Free hyperfocal distance calculator table

How to calculate hyperfocal distance: the easiest method yet for this classic focusing technique

What is hyperfocal distance? Before the introduction of autofocus cameras, the use of ‘hyperfocal distance’ was a popular focus technique used by photographers – and it’s still one of the really neat camera tricks for times when your camera struggles to autofocus in difficult lighting conditions. In this tutorial we explain how it works, as well as provide a simple cheat sheet for you to follow!


The landscape's greatest challenges: free photography cheat sheet

The landscape’s greatest challenges: free photography cheat sheet

One of our favourite infographics in our ongoing photography cheat sheet series, here we decided to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of shooting landscape photography. We chose four key challenges – composition, exposing for the land, exposing for the sky and capturing moving water – and explained step-by-step how to achieve them.


The Landscape Photographers' Guide to Shooting Anywhere: free photography cheat sheet

The landscape photographer’s guide to shooting anywhere: free photography cheat sheet

Our wildly popular Landscape Photographers’ Guide to Shooting Anywhere presents four handy flowcharts illustrating how to get great shots at the coast, in woodlands, on mountain tops and in rural areas where it is often difficult for landscape photographers to add foreground interest to compositions.


Creative landscape photography: tips to master the dark art of shadows and shade

Image copyright Mark Hamblin

Creative landscape photography: master the dark art of shadows and shade

Someone once said that the best landscape photography is taken when your shadow is longer than your height, and this adage is worth considering when you’re deciding what time of day to shoot landscapes – early or late. That’s not to say that fantastic shots can’t be taken at other times, but as a rule the lower the sun is in the sky the better the quality of light.

We all know that great light is essential to a photo, but in this post we’ve compiled some of the best landscape photography tips from the experts to help you learn how to better photograph the shadows this light creates


The secret to shooting telephoto landscapes

Image by Mark Hamblin

Pro Secrets: how to use a telephoto lens for awesome landscapes

When you’re shooting landscape photography, the temptation is to reach for a wide-angle lens and try to include everything that your eye can see. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but for a more intimate view of the scenery you can add impact to your images by learning how to use a telephoto lens to pick out key features within the bigger picture.

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