5 new ways to make money from photography that the pros won’t tell you

How to make money from photography: tips for how to supplement your income by doing what you love

Sometimes it’s the little ideas that set you apart. An imaginative mind can make up for a small start-up budget, and thinking outside the box can give you opportunities that even the most successful competitor would never have thought about. In their latest guest blog post, the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure present five simple money-making ideas to get you started.

Cash from your camera: 5 ways you never thought to make money from photography

Ways to make money from photography: 1) Join the craft craze

If your photography is creative and original, you can ride the ‘back to basics’ wave of craft appreciation and sell your work on Etsy.com, notonthehighstreet.com and other portals for handmade art.

Buyers are prepared to pay a premium because the items on sale are unique – they don’t expect a discount or a hard bargain the way they would if you were selling your work on a market stall.

Ways to make money from photography: 2) Go local

Spend a day visiting local restaurants, cafes, fitness centres, law firms – anywhere that might have an empty wall or hallway in need of some ornamentation – and offer to exhibit prints of your work there for free, but with your contact details and price tags clearly displayed.

This could work particularly well if your images are of your local area, being exposed to many local eyes that are likely to connect with it.

Ways to make money from photography: 3) Improve local websites

While you’re speaking to your local businesses about exhibiting your prints, take a look at their website; would it appeal to more potential customers if it had better product photography? Better portraits of the staff? Or better pictures of their events? Then tell them, and offer solutions for their flyers and other promotional material too.

Bonus: There is nothing stopping you from taking this tip beyond your local area, getting free accommodation on your holidays in exchange for promotional pictures or building up enough work to relocate for a while.

Ways to make money from photography: 4) Expand your offering

If you create a website with a hosting company that specialises in professional photography, such as Smugmug, you can integrate your page with a printing company and give your clients the option of having your work printed on mugs, t-shirts, key chains… you name it. Often you are free to put together packages that suit your clients’ needs, and you keep a major percentage of the markup.

Ways to make money from photography: 5) Throw a portrait party

This one is a win-win because you’ll have fun and make money at the same time. Simply invite a group of friends to your home and throw the photographic equivalent of a tupperware party. Have pre-sets ready in Lightroom to make post-production quick, and pitch your portraits to your friends at the end of the party.


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