Nikon D610 vs D600: what’s new and what isn’t in Nikon’s new full-frame DSLR

    | News | 16/10/2013 02:00am

    Nikon D610 vs D600: Our verdict

    Nikon D610 vs D600: Our verdict

    Given the Nikon D600’s sullied reputation, Nikon had to do something, and this looks like a good all-round solution.

    The Nikon D610 is an update, not a new camera, and the changes are so minor that D600 owners needn’t feel their cameras have been made obsolete.

    In a way, the Nikon D610’s similarities underline the quality of the original camera. What the D610 does do is allow Nikon to draw a line under the whole dust/oil spot issue… hopefully.

    PAGE 1: Nikon D610 vs D600 comparison points 1-5
    PAGE 2: Nikon D610 vs D600 comparison points 6-10
    PAGE 3: Nikon D610 vs D600 – our verdict


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