How to organize photos like a pro: the best way to make sense of your collection

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    How to organize photos with keywords

    Keywords can describe the image content and help you find pictures and organize photos in just a few clicks

    How to organize photos with keywords

    To create a keyword, click on New Keyword at the bottom of the Keyword tab and type in the word you want in the box that appears.

    Sub-keywords are created in a similar way using the appropriate icon, but make sure that you have already selected the keyword you want to add a sub-category to.

    Once keywords have been created you can add them to images by selecting the shots and then clicking in the box next to the keyword.

    Used keywords automatically appear under the Keywords filter in the Filter panel.

    Simply select a keyword to find any images in the selected folder with that keyword applied.

    PAGE 1: How to organize photos the professional way
    PAGE 2: How to organize photos using filters
    PAGE 3: How to create a metadata template
    PAGE 4: How to automate your metadata edits
    PAGE 5: How to organize photos with keywords


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