How to organize photos like a pro: the best way to make sense of your collection

How to organize photos like a pro: the best way to make sense of your collection

How to automate your metadata edits

How to automate your metadata edits

Once you have created a metadata template with information such as the copyright owner and contact details that you want to append to most, if not all, images, it makes sense to append it automatically each time files are imported from your card to your computer’s hard drive.

If you normally drag and drop images from your card into the destination folder you’ll need to alter your workflow. In Bridge, select File>Get Photos From Camera to launch Adobe Photo Downloader.

When you do this for the first time you’ll get a message asking if you’d like Downloader to open every time a camera is connected; it can be useful to select Yes, as you can always undo it later via Preferences.

Now check that the location the photos will be downloaded from is correct, set the destination location and click on Advanced Dialogue at the bottom of the panel.

Once this opens, use the drop-down Template to Use box (it’s set to Basic Metadata by default) at the bottom right to select the correct template. Finally, click on Get Photos.

In-camera copyright data
Some cameras allow you to add a Copyright tag to images as they are captured. Your camera’s manual will explain the exact process, but it’s usually a case of locating the Copyright data option in the set-up menu and then using the on-screen keyboard to add your name.

Once this is done the Copyright field will be filled in automatically as images are created.

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