How to organize photos like a pro: the best way to make sense of your collection

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    How to create a metadata template

    Once you’ve created a template it’s easy to apply it to whole batches of images

    How to create a metadata template

    Although you can edit the IPTC metadata of individual images, it’s often more efficient to create a template that you can apply to batches of images that can share the same information.

    To generate a template in Bridge, select Tools>Create Metadata Template. This opens the template form, then it’s simply a question of putting a tick against the fields that you want to include and typing information into the box alongside.

    Once you’ve finished, use the box at the top to name the template and hit Save.

    To apply the template to images that are already on your hard drive, select them in Bridge and then find the template you want under Tools>Append Metadata.

    PAGE 1: How to organize photos the professional way
    PAGE 2: How to organize photos using filters
    PAGE 3: How to create a metadata template
    PAGE 4: How to automate your metadata edits
    PAGE 5: How to organize photos with keywords


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