Master Adobe Lightroom in 12 minutes or less

Master Adobe Lightroom in 12 minutes or less

Editing your photos in Lightroom

Editing your photos in Lightroom: make basic tweaks

Make basic tweaks
Choose Create Collection and name it Sarah Picks. Next click Develop. The Basic Panel on the right is the first stop for improving tones. Work your way down from the top. Make Temp 4061, Tint -1, Exposure +0.65, Contrast +8, Highlights +39, Shadows +42, Clarity +18, Vibrance +54, and Saturation +21.


Editing your photos in Lightroom: experiment with presets

Experiment with presets
Go to the filmstrip and click the second image. Go to the Preset Panel on the left and hover over the different presets, noting how they affect the image in the Navigator. Choose one like Cross Process 3. If you need to undo, use the History Panel below the Preset Panel to step backwards.


Editing your photos in Lightroom: paint in adjustments

Paint in adjustments
Select the third image. Click the White Balance tool in the Basic Panel, then click the grey background. Use the sliders to boost tones, then grab the Adjustment Brush from the toolbar. Choose Effect: Soften Skin, then paint over the skin. Now click New, choose Effect: Iris Enhance, then paint over each iris.


Editing your photos in Lightroom: sharpen and sync

Sharpen and sync
Click 1:1 in the Navigator Panel then go to the Detail Panel. Make Sharpening Amount 68, Radius 1.2, and Noise Reduction Luminance 21. Press Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all images, then click Sync. Tick Sharpening and Noise Reduction. Go to File>Export, set Image Format to JPEG, choose a destination and click Save.


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