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    Organising your images in Adobe Lightroom

    Organising your images in Adobe Lightroom: import the images

    Import the images
    Download our start files and follow along! Open Lightroom and click Library. Next, click Import then use the Source Panel to navigate to the five supplied lr_before tutorial files.

    Select them then type ‘model, sarah, portrait, studio’ in the keyword panel. Click Import. Press E for the Loupe view, then use the arrow keys to flick through the images.


    Organising your images in Adobe Lightroom: sort and rate your photos

    Sort and rate
    Press your choice of 0-5 to add a star rating. With dud shots like lr_before2, press Delete and choose Delete from disk. Give lr_before3, 4 and 5 five stars. Press \ to toggle the Filter bar on.

    Click Attribute and click the stars to filter the images. Next, press Ctrl/Cmd+A, then click the plus sign next to Collections.


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