9 creative photo ideas to try in October

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 07 Shoot an urban montage

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 09 Shoot rock towers in familiar locations

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 09 Shoot rock towers in familiar locations

Photos of Zen stone stacks are nothing new: a gift card shop near you is certain to have at least one art card featuring a teetering tower of polished pebbles on a beach.

Why not put a new spin on this type of shot, and photograph stacks in well-known locations where they wouldn’t be expected?

Most of the time, you’ll have to construct the stacks, but you may discover someone’s beaten you to it, as landscape photographer Stephen Emerson found at a popular Scottish location.

“These cliffs at the end of Elgol Beach on the Isle of Skye are unusual in that they have this honeycombed look about them,” he says. “I noticed that someone had stacked and arranged these stones just under the wall.”

Stephen illuminated the scene with his flashlight and balanced the exposure in the sky with a Lee 0.6 grey grad filter.

Get started today

*Take a set of stones with you: there may not be suitable ones at the location.
*Use a standard or wide-angle lens to show the stones in context.
*See the work of Andy Goldsworthy for more land art inspiration.

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