9 creative photo ideas to try in October

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 07 Shoot an urban montage

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 07 Shoot an urban montage

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 07 Shoot an urban montage

Some new and recent camera models include a multiple-exposure mode, enabling you to combine two or more pictures in a single frame.

The technique can be effective when images of a location taken at different times and with different focal lengths are combined – or even completely different subjects are blended together.

However, you can still achieve intriguing and intricate results with a single image by using layers and blending modes in Photoshop.

That’s how photographer Stefan Fippinger created this fantastic bustling image of Cologne Central Station. “At first I created a copy of the background layer,” Stefan says, “then I copied this layer a total of 12 times, rotating each layer 30 degrees in relation to the previous one.

“Now for the trick: change the blending mode to Soft Light. All that remains to do is to manually move each layer until everything falls into place to give a beautiful picture.”

Get started today
* Shoot in raw to give to give yourself the best-quality start images and more control when editing.
* Experiment with the opacity of each layer (use the slider at the top of the Layers palette in Photoshop) for more subtle results.
* Try this technique with other subjects. Trees, fairground rides and cityscapes can look good when multiple layers are used and rotated just a few degrees between each one.

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