9 creative photo ideas to try in October

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 07 Shoot an urban montage

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 05 Shoot with creative lighting

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 05 Shoot with creative lighting

The light from a flash has a colour temperature that’s similar to daylight at midday, so when the two are used together the results appear natural.

To blend the flash more effectively when the ambient light is cooler or warmer, coloured ‘colour temperature correction’ gels placed in front of the flash head can warm up or cool down its output.

Matched with the ‘wrong’ white balance, however, these gels produce dramatic images of even the most everyday subjects…

“I love a couple of things that many people dislike: gulls and dark overcast skies for photography,” says nature photographer Sparky Stensaas.

“To combine these two in order to create an artistic, out-of-the ordinary image, I decided to create a ‘cold-warm’ look by setting my camera’s white balance to Tungsten and using two 1/2 CTO (orange) gels on my flash to cast a warm light on the nearby gulls. If you just used straight-up flash, the gulls would also look bluish.

“You need to get close to the subject so the flash can illuminate them, and it can be a challenge to find wildlife subjects that allow this close approach. Gulls are human groupies. Any old chunk of stale bread will bring them in and make them your friend forever.”

Get started today
* Honl, Rogue and Lastolite produce sets of coloured flash gels from £15.
* Use exposure compensation to underexpose the scene by around one stop to add drama.
* You may need to use flash exposure compensation to overexpose the flash by one stop. Take a test shot and check the results.
* Increase the ISO or choose a wider aperture to extend the reach of the flash.

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