9 creative photo ideas to try in October

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 07 Shoot an urban montage

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 04 Shoot a fantasy landscape

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 04 Shoot a fantasy landscape

When the weather’s not playing ball, you can always have a go at bringing the outdoors indoors – inside a glass tank, to be precise.

Artist Kim Keever constructs landscapes in a large fish tank filled with water in his home studio, building up scenes using materials he finds on the street or on the internet.

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 04 Shoot a fantasy landscape

He then injects paint into the water in order to create ever-changing cloud formations.

The resulting pictures are somewhere between paintings and photographs; genuine watercolours that capture a distorted world.

“For this particular image, I wanted to give the idea of a view from on high looking down,” says Kim. “The table is low off the floor, the water-filled tank is higher, and the table in front of the tank is higher still. The camera is higher again. There are three planes included here.

“One is the foliage in the foreground; the second is the dark band of mountains in the mid-ground (which is in the tank); and the third plane is the bluish cloud area on the table behind the tank.

“Some of the ‘clouds’ in the images are made of pillow stuffing. The most challenging aspect is to make the paint clouds go where I want them to go in order to create various cloud banks.

“This isn’t at all easy: they seem to have a mind of their own, and I can only experiment with thicknesses and colours of liquid paint.

“On the other hand, the randomness is always interesting and I find I often get my best images from arrangements that are totally surprising. It generally takes hundreds of shots before I finally achieve the right image.”

Take a look at Kim’s website to see more of his amazing creations.

Get started today
* You don’t need as much space or kit as Kim: you can do it on a small scale using a 19-litre tank and a macro lens.
* Use a tripod and remote release to keep one hand free to add paint ‘clouds’.
* Add coloured gels (sheets of polyester) to 
an off-camera flash for a range of creative lighting effects.

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