9 creative photo ideas to try in October

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 07 Shoot an urban montage

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 03 Shoot a chilling ghost portrait for Halloween

Creative Photo Ideas for October: 03 Shoot a chilling ghost portrait for Halloween

Once you’ve turned to the dark side with your black-and-white technique, try taking the theme of your photos there too.

Ghostly pictures are easy to create in Photoshop – all you need is one shot of a suitable spooky location and another of a full-length portrait.

You then remove the portrait from its background, add it as a new layer and alter the opacity to give the figure some transparency. Add layers of blur and try different blending modes to enhance it.

However, it’s more fun to try and construct images in-camera. Find a volunteer who’s willing to stand on the spot and shake their head or their limbs during a longer exposure.

If you’ve seen the movie Jacob’s Ladder, you’ll be aware of the unnerving effect a combination of sharp body and blurred head can have.

Get started today
* A location with an element of decay and dilapidation will add to the overall effect.
* Shoot in raw but switch to Monochrome: this will give you a black-and-white preview, despite recording the image in colour.
* Switch to Shutter Priority and dial in a slow exposure time. Try 1 sec to begin with, check the results and decrease or increase the shutter speed to taste.

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