The 10 most shared images from Photography Week

3. Warp Speed by Darren Neupert

In this guest post, the team at our sister title Photography Week share the most popular images from their Xposure gallery section – a selection of nine incredible reader pictures featured each week. We asked the team at Photography Week to put together this gallery of the most popular reader images, with testimonials from the photographers on how the pictures came to be.

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1. Above All by Michal Karcz

1. Above All by Michal Karcz

1. Above All by Michal Karcz

Notes on Tumblr: 16,688

This incredible image is by far the most popular on Photography Week’s blog. It is interesting to note that this picture represents somewhere that doesn’t actually exist, anywhere! It is in fact a composite of three different images, which were taken in completely different locations.

As Michal describes: “This picture contains three shots mixed together in Photoshop. I do this with my pictures in order to create a fantasy version of the Earth. This picture contains a photo of a mountain path in the West Tatra Mountains, and includes the clouds structures, and the main. The high peak is Ama Dablam, which was taken in the Himalayas.”

PAGE 1: Above All by Michal Karcz
PAGE 2: Sandstorm in a Masai Village by Simon Powell
PAGE 3: Warp Speed by Darren Neupert
PAGE 4: Little Tarn by Perri Schelat  
PAGE 5: Daybreak in Canyonlands by Marc Perella
PAGE 6: The Spirit of Iceland by Christian Klepp
PAGE 7: Westminster by James Cooper
PAGE 8: Amina by Francesco Golla
PAGE 9: Lion at the WHF by Linda M
PAGE 10: Rear View Monument Valley by Jeff Clow 


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