Winner revealed in our Nepal photo holiday competition with ORBIS

    | Competitions | News | 26/09/2013 11:30am

    David Travis, runner-up

    Staffordshire-based David Travis is a talented and diverse photographer with a portfolio ranging from classic portraiture to still lifes and more conceptual work. David is also a keen Photoshop enthusiast, and his digital artwork ranks among some of the very best we’ve seen.

    His current projects include a series in which he’s taking portraits of 100 strangers, and a captivating photo story documenting the work of beekeepers in a local apiary.

    Click here to see David’s stunning body of work, and you can see his shortlisted portfolio below.

    Image by David Travis

    Image by David Travis

    Image by David Travis

    Image by David Travis

    Image by David Travis

    Image by David Travis

    PAGE 1: David Shaw, winner
    PAGE 2: Scott Webster, runner-up
    PAGE 3: Valerio Berdini, runner-up
    PAGE 4: David Travis, runner-up
    PAGE 5: Alecsandra Dragoi, runner-up


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