Adobe Photoshop Touch: how to use Photoshop for phone and tablets

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    Using Layers in Photoshop Touch

    Using Layers in Photoshop Touch

    To add a layer to your image, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the Layers panel and select the type of layer that you want to create.

    If you opt to create a Photo layer you’ll be taken to the image browser to find the image you want, or to capture one using the tablet’s camera.

    To reorder the layers, simply tap and drag them within the panel. Tapping a layer in the panel makes it active and puts a white highlight around it, while tapping the circle in the top left of the thumbnail toggles between making it visible and invisible.

    Layer Blend Modes
    If you tap the stack icon at the bottom left of the Layers panel, it brings up a box that enables you to change the active layer’s opacity and blend mode.

    These handy blend modes work in just the same way as they do in Photoshop CC, and they allow you determine how the active layer responds to the layer beneath it in the panel. A very handy feature not a lot of people know about!

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    PAGE 2: Making adjustments with Photoshop Touch
    PAGE 3: Making selections with Photoshop Touch
    PAGE 4: Using Layers in Photoshop Touch
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