Adobe Photoshop Touch: how to use Photoshop for phone and tablets

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    Making selections with Photoshop Touch

    Making selections with Photoshop Touch

    There’s a small collection of controls for making selections available, including a rounded and a rectangular Marquee, a Lasso and a Magic wand, but the Scribble tool provides the easiest way of selecting complex objects.

    To select it, touch the active tool at the top of the tool box and drag down to the icon with the cross and tick — it may be hidden by the Brush Selection tool or the Magic wand, but if you hold over these you’ll see what you’re looking for.

    With the Keep tick in the tool bar surrounded by white to indicate that it’s active, paint inside the object that you want to select (in green).

    Then tap on the Remove cross and paint the area around the object (in red). Once you’ve finished, the software will make the selection automatically.

    If necessary, tap the selection options icon in the menu bar and select Refine Edge.

    Then, just like in Photoshop, paint around the object’s edge, changing the brush size and using the eraser if necessary. Once you’re happy, tap the tick to confirm the selection.

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