Adobe Photoshop Touch: how to use Photoshop for phone and tablets

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    Making adjustments with Photoshop Touch

    Making adjustments with Photoshop Touch

    Twelve adjustment options are available via the Adjustments Icon on the menu bar. These vary from the completely automatic Auto Fix and Black & White conversion to more involved Levels and Curves adjustments.

    Photoshop Elements users will be especially surprised to discover that the Curves control allows the curve for any of the channels to be dragged into shape using numerous points rather like the version in Photoshop CC.

    Just make your adjustments and then either confirm or cancel with a tap on the tick or cross.

    There’s also a collection of 36 effects available under the Fx icon, which are applied by selecting the desired option with a tap and then dragging the controls to set the intensity etc. It couldn’t be easier.

    PAGE 1: Why use Photoshop for phone and tablets?
    PAGE 2: Making adjustments with Photoshop Touch
    PAGE 3: Making selections with Photoshop Touch
    PAGE 4: Using Layers in Photoshop Touch
    PAGE 5: Getting to know the Photoshop Touch interface


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