6 self-portrait ideas for every occasion (and how to take them)

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    Three ways to take a self-portrait

    Three ways to take a self-portrait: wireless remote

    With a remote trigger
    The easiest way to take shots of yourself with your camera is with a wireless remote like this Nikon WR-A10. First, plug the radio receiver into your camera. Hold the remote out of sight and half-press the remote’s shutter button to focus. Press fully to take the shot.


    Three ways to take a self-portrait: use interval timer mode

    Use interval timer mode
    Many camera models offer an interval timer mode, enabling you to set up your camera to take a shot every second or two. You need to focus manually on where you’ll be standing, so first set up the shot exactly as you want, using an object to stand in for you. Pick an interval time, select Now and move in front of your camera. Change your pose slightly in every shot and you’re far more likely to end up with one that you like.


    Three ways to take a self-portrait: use the self timer mode

    Try the self timer

    Many cameras have a self-timer delay mode in the Setup menu. Select how many seconds you want to elapse before your DSLR takes a shot; five or ten are usually enough to get into position. Flick from single shot mode to self-timer mode on the drive dial, hit the shutter button and get into position before your camera fires. Some models even let you take multiple shots in one go.

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