Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader review: charging & file transfer on the go

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader review

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader offers photographers a wireless hotspot for quick and easy file sharing… but does it work? Find out in our review.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader review

One area where good old standalone cameras lag behind smartphones is the ability to transfer and share images, especially when you’re on the go.

The MobileLite Wireless Reader solves the problem: it’s a pocketable and rechargeable card reader that doubles as a wireless hotspot for quick and easy file sharing.

Simply slot in a SD card or even a USB memory stick, and the contents can then be viewed live or downloaded for offline access via Wi-Fi.

Up to three simultaneous connections are possible from laptops as well as iOS or Android mobile devices using the companion app.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader review

With the MobileLite Wireless, you can easily access your existing SD and USB storage and share your data with three users simultaneously.

Of course, Eye-Fi memory cards accomplish similar results with the card inside your camera, but the rechargeable battery in this tiny 91g gizmo won’t drain your camera’s power and is good for up to five hours’ use.

However, the battery really comes in handy thanks to its ability to charge your phone in an emergency, or even fuel other low-power portable devices. Easily pocketed or slipped into a kit bag, the MobileLite’s usefulness is worth every penny.

Price: £50
Score: 5/5


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