The 25 types of photographer… which one are you?

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    25 types of photographer... where do you belong?

    21. The Twitcher

    If you find a photographer in the woods, looking up into the trees with a lens the length of their arm, then you’ll know you’ve found the Twitcher. The Twitcher can spend hours sitting in a small hide in the woods, waiting to capture just one photograph of the one species of bird they are waiting for.

    Where can you find them? In the woods.

    How can you identify them? This photographer prefers to dress in green and brown. They will often be wearing a hat, will be carrying a very long lens, and will be looking up.

    22. The Botanist

    The Botanist can often be found in the garden, where they find plentiful photo subjects, for the Botanist is passionate about photographing plants. They will often use macro lenses and extension tubes to capture the most detail they can from a leaf or petal. Many Botanists also like to spend time editing their photographs to bring out certain colours, making their images more striking.

    Where can you find them? In the garden or the park.

    How can you identify them? They will be pointing their camera at every flower bed with extreme interest.

    23. The Intrepid Traveller

    This type of photographer likes nothing better than to get off the beaten track to uncover some more unique photo opportunities. They love to photograph people as well as landscapes.

    Where can you find them? They are sometimes difficult to find as they will take the path less taken.

    How can you identify them? They might be in need of a hair cut or shave, and will walk around with their camera in wide-eyed wonder at the world around them.

    24. The Light Painter

    The Light Painter is addicted to light painting photography. Their idea of fun is going out at night to a suitable location where they can take long exposure shots enabling them to literally draw or paint with light.

    Where can you find them? Any open space, or abandoned building at night.

    How can you identify them? They will be carrying around an odd assortment of fluorescent objects as well as their tripod and will have a friend in tow whom they direct to twirl the fluorescent props around. At first glance, this might look like an odd scene, but you will soon know that you have stumbled upon the Light Painter.

    25. The One-A-Day

    You’ve probably heard of the 362 project, where a photography enthusiast aims to take a photograph every single day of the year. The One-A-Day likes to shoot a variety of different subjects, from self portraits, to food, to landscapes and every day life in order to keep taking a picture every day that’s fresh and interesting.

    Where can you find them? Anywhere.

    How can you identify them? They rarely leave home without their camera, and often choose to photograph seemingly boring subjects.


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