The 25 types of photographer… which one are you?

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25 types of photographer... where do you belong?

16. The Adrenaline Junkie

This photographer thrives on action. They love sport, and shoot hand held in order to ensure they are in the thick of action. The Adrenaline Junkie doesn’t pick the easiest means to photograph action, getting in the sea or even sky-diving or paragliding to capture the most exciting shots.

Where can you find them? Where there is a sporting event taking place.

How can you identify them? They’ll be the one walking into the waves, camera in hand, or ducking underneath dirt bikes and skiers as they jump overhead.

17. The Scientist

The Scientist is a methodical breed of photographer who applies meticulous attention to detail in all of their photographs. They’ll read their camera’s manual front to back and memorise every page. They like to try different techniques, and each of them will be technically perfect. You might have seen work from the Scientist in high-speed photographs of balloons exploding, water dropping, or paint vibrating for example.

Where can you find them? This type of photographer is not commonly sighted outside of their home.

How can you identify them? They have a serious approach to photography, and are identifiable by makeshift studio set-ups they have created to experiment with their images.

18. The Astronomer

This type of photographer has a passion for the stars and can spend hours on end photographing the night sky, which they find endlessly fascinating. Night after night. After night.

Where can you find them? In the darkest field at night, preferably away from a town or city.

How can you identify them? The elusive Astronomer is hard to spot as they will choose the darkest nights to emerge with their camera.

19. The Gig-goer

The Gig-goer loves live music and loves to photograph it even more.

Where can you find them? At a music venue when a live band is playing.

How can you identify them? You can find them near the stage at a gig, trying to avoid being jostled by the crowd as they photograph the musicians performing.

20. The Macro Photographer

The Macro Photographer has an appreciation of the smaller things in life… quite literally! The macro lens (or mode!) is this photographer’s best friend, and they will put it to good use when capturing insect life in breathtaking detail.

Where can you find them? In the garden or the park.

How can you identify them? This photographer will often be kneeling on the pavement or grass, pointing their camera at a seemingly uninteresting blade of grass or leaf. The chances are they have found an ant or bee to photograph.


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