The 25 types of photographer… which one are you?

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25 types of photographer... where do you belong?

11. The Photojournalist

The Photojournalist is passionate about capturing important moments in their time, and documenting issues that they deem important. Their photographs will tell a story, and are often included as a set.

Where can you find them? In any newsworthy situation.

How can you identify them? They are driven by a steely determination to capture the scene as it happens. This type of photographer shoots hand-held so that they can move around more freely. They also like to engage with their subjects to find out their stories.

12. The Self Portrait Photographer

The Self Portrait Photographer can’t get enough of taking pictures of themselves – but before you judge too soon, we’re not talking about the traditional ‘Facebook’ pose where the photographer takes a shot of themselves by holding their camera away from them. Instead, the Self Portrait Photographer is highly creative and usually very experimental, pushing themselves to try new photography and editing techniques, creating an often very interesting body of work.

Where can you find them? In their bedroom, or in a remote field. They prefer locations where they can avoid people so as not to be seen in the act of taking their self-portraits.

How can you identify them? The Self Portrait Photographer is quite easy to identify; they will be posing in front of a camera, often pouting or wearing dramatic makeup. Sometimes they will be dressed in theatrical clothes and have been known to cover themselves in mud and twigs. Ultimately, the Self Portrait Photographer will go to some lengths to create a dramatic image, and will often look quite bizarre in the process.

13. The Storm Chaser

This type of photographer is more common in the United States where more varied and extreme weather is common. The Storm Chaser has a close eye on the weather and has their camera nearby at all times, ready to leave in pursuit of extreme weather at the drop of a hat. They’ll try not to put themselves at any real risk in order to capture a stunning shot, but can sometimes find themselves in hairy situations.

Where can you find them? The worse the weather is, the more chance you have of seeing the Storm Chaser.

How can you identify them? They will be the only car driving toward the storm instead of away from it.

14. The Petrol Head

These photographers can’t get enough of cars, whether it’s classic cars, race tracks, or even just experimenting with creative ways to shoot their own car or cars belonging to their friends. The Petrol Head often harbours ambitions to becoming a professional photographer.

Where can you find them? Garages, race tracks and roads are hot spots.

How can you identify them? If they are gazing longingly at cars, camera in hand, this will likely be the Petrol Head.

15. The Still Life Photographer

This type of photographer is a perfectionist and loves to use props to arrange scenes in meticulous detail. Perfect lighting is very important to the Still Life Photographer, and they can spend hours just getting the shot right. Their images are often painterly.

Where can you find them? At home in front of a surface with carefully arranged objects placed on top.

How can you identify them? If you visit the home of the Still Life Photographer, chances are you’ll find evidence of the scenes they have created; you might see something like a lemon resting neatly beside a silver bowl on top of a ruffled purple velour cloth. This is a tell-tale sign of the Still Life Photographer.


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