The 25 types of photographer… which one are you?

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25 types of photographer... where do you belong?

6. The Wildlife Photographer

This type of photographer will go out into the most remote parts of the world with as much camera kit as they can carry. They only have one mission, and that is to photograph as much wildlife as they can.

Where can you find them? Far away from civilisation.

How can you identify them? They will be dressed in neutral colours so as to blend in with the background as much as possible. Often their camouflage extends to foliage, and can be found hiding deep in the bushes with only their lens protruding. In their natural environment, the Wildlife Photographer can often look… well, wild.

7. The Idealist

You’ve more than likely stumbled across the work of The Idealist on a number of occasions – their images are bright and airy, and every shot looks cheerful and optimistic. In the world of The Idealist, it looks as though there is never a rainy day.

Where can you find them? The Idealist can really be found anywhere, but are more common around ‘quaint’ towns, villages and cafes.

How can you identify them? This is an optimistic type of photographer. They will often look very happy taking a picture of a seemingly uninteresting subject matter, such as a cup of coffee.

8. The Landscape Photographer

This breed of photographer is something of a nomad; they enjoy venturing off into the outdoors with only themselves for company for hours on end. The Landscape Photographer tends to be very well equipped and you can identify them by their camera bag which will be full of lenses, and their tripod which they prefer not to leave home without. They are early risers often getting up before the crack of dawn to capture a great sunrise.

Where can you find them? In a field. Alone apart from a tripod.

How can you identify them? They will be the only person standing on the top of a hill by themselves at 5 in the morning.

9. The Minimalist Photographer

Similar to the Landscape Photographer, the Minimalist Photographer is in fact quite a separate breed. Like the Landscape Photographer, they also enjoy getting up very early in the morning to photograph the dawn. The Minimalist Photographer uses long exposures to give the sea a flat, milky texture and is fond of creating painterly effects in their work.

Where can you find them? On the beaches. Alone apart from a tripod.

How can you identify them? They will be the only person on the beach by themselves at 5 in the morning.

10. The Vampire

The Vampire is otherwise known as the night photographer. What really inspires these photographers is night scenes, be that in an urban or rural landscape. Like moths, these photographers are attracted to light sources and seek to capture the way different light sources illuminate certain scenes in the most artistic way they can.

Where can you find them? Anywhere at night, as long as there is a light source nearby.
How can you identify them? They will be walking around at night, carrying a tripod. They will be drawn to light. Shine a torch, and you might attract one.


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