The 25 types of photographer… which one are you?

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Photographers run the gamut of everything from the adrenaline junkie to the nature-loving bird photographer, with a whole lot of ground in between.

In their latest guest blog post, the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure have broken down what they believe are the 25 types of photographers. Which one are you?

25 types of photographer... where do you belong?

1. The Hipster

The Hipster often prefers to shoot on old film cameras and has a love of anything retro. They love light-leaks and also like to take photographs of their shoes.

Where can you find them? This type of photographer is well spread throughout the modern world, but a hot spot is bohemian cafes.

How can you identify them? The give-away is the old film camera around their necks. They might also be wearing tattered Converse and a wistful expression.

2. The Foodie

The Foodie loves to photograph food – preferably this will be food they have prepared themselves, and they take great pleasure in meticulously composing and framing the image to give the dish its own distinct feel. They love to use natural lighting.

Where can you find them? In the kitchen.

How can you identify them? This type of photographer will often not serve or eat the food they have made until they have taken a photograph of it they are happy with. It is important to bear in mind that if you are invited to dinner by The Foodie, the food might be cold before you are able to eat it.

3. The California Dreamer

You’ll recognise The California Dreamer from their sun-soaked people portraits. These photographers love to shoot into the sun and use warm colours to create a summery vibe to their photos.

Where can you find them? They come out on sunny days and are more active during the evening when the sunlight creates warmer colours.

How can you identify them? You identify this type of photographer by the direction they are shooting when they photograph people. Is it the evening and are they shooting into the sun? If so, you’ve probably stumbled across The California Dreamer.

4. The Street Stalker

These photographers frequent busy streets in towns and cities where they have plenty of opportunity to capture spontaneous and candid shots of people. They often prefer to make their images black and white either in-camera, or later when they are editing their shots.

Some street photographers have honed their skill and have become adept at taking pictures of people unnoticed. Many, however, aren’t as skillful and are easily seen standing in the middle of a shopping street, camera to eye, taking pictures of everyone around them.

Where can you find them? Any street in any town or city, but they are more common on busier streets.

How can you identify them? This type of street photographer can easily be identified by their nonchalant demeanour as they continue their hunt for other subjects to photograph.

5. The Architect

The Architect loves the geometry of buildings. They often choose to make their images black and white to bring out the lines and angles of the architecture they shoot. Long-exposure shots are commonplace.

Where can you find them? Lurking around interesting buildings and structures.

How can you identify them? They will spend quite some time walking around their chosen building, trying to establish a suitable angle. To some this might look suspicious, but if they have a camera in hand, it’s more than likely to be The Architect.


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