City at night: photography tips for taking atmospheric images of urban areas

City at night: photography tips for atmospheric images of buildings and landmarks

Other ways to shoot urban areas at twilight

Cities at twilight present you with lots of creative options – here are two more effects to try out.

Other ways to shoot urban areas at twilight

Sweeping city skylines are prime candidates for panoramic images, and we cropped this image to the 16:9 ratio to create a panoramic composition. You can create wider panoramas by shooting several images and merging them using Elements’ Photomerge Panorama command – for the best results shoot in portrait orientation, leaving plenty of overlap between shots.


Slow shutter speeds

You can bring your city scenes to life by using a slow shutter speed to create the impression of bustling movement. For the best results you’ll need an exposure of between 1 and 5 seconds – for this shot we chose 2.5 secs at f/10.

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  • i don’t think you can use a tripod on the streets of london tho haha