Best gimbal head: we review 6 top models to see which is best for your large lenses

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    Five things to look for when choosing a gimbal head

    Five things to look for when choosing a gimbal head

    If you want to get a head, bearing these things in mind will make finding the right one even easier…

    01 Ball bearings
    Most good quality gimbal heads use ball bearings to ensure smooth action of both pan and tilt functions. This can make even the heaviest lenses very easy to manoeuvre precisely.

    02 On a plate
    Arca-Swiss-style quick-release platforms are often used in gimbal heads. A ‘universal’ mounting plate may come with the head, or you might need to buy one that’s tailored to your lens.

    03 Inch-perfect
    Gimbal heads usually fasten to a tripod via a 3/8in mounting socket. If your tripod has a smaller, 1/4in stud, you’ll need to use an additional 3/8-to-1/4in adaptor.

    04 On the level
    Many tripods feature bubble levels or spirit levels, which can help when shooting on uneven terrain.

    05 Safety first
    Even when using a gimbal head, it’s a good idea to wear a neck strap attached to the camera or lens when shooting to avoid an expensive accident.

    PAGE 1 – Best gimbal head: 01 Benro GHA Gimbal Head
    PAGE 2 – Best gimbal head: 02 Manfrotto 393 Long Lens Monopod Bracket
    PAGE 3 – Best gimbal head: 03 Benro GH1 Gimbal Head
    PAGE 4 – Best gimbal head: 04 Triopo DG-3 Gimbal Head
    PAGE 5 – Best gimbal head: 05 Wimberley WH-200 Mk II
    PAGE 6 – Best gimbal head: 06 Custom Brackets Gimbal LS Head
    PAGE 7 – Five things to look for when choosing a gimbal head


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