Best gimbal head: we review 6 top models to see which is best for your large lenses

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    Best gimbal head: 06 Custom Brackets Gimbal LS Head

    Best gimbal head: 06 Custom Brackets Gimbal LS Head

    Price: £400, $480
    The Gimbal LS looks every inch a top-quality piece of kit. Highlights include precision roller bearing for smooth operation, laser-engraved markings to enable easy setup and precise panning, and soft-touch clamp knobs.

    It’s pretty lightweight at 1.13kg and, while no official maximum load rating is specified, it’s proved rock-solid with heavy camera and lens combinations.

    The tilt clamp isn’t designed to lock off the tilt function completely – a secondary clamp is fitted for this purpose.

    Our only grumble is that, when the lens support platform of our test sample was used at its very lowest position, one end of its locking lever scraped across the surface of the head’s upright support arm during tilting.


    Pros… Excellent design, well engineered, super-sturdy and smooth in operation.
    Cons… Shame about our review sample’s scraping locking screw.
    WE say… A superb piece of equipment that’s an excellent buy at the price.

    Score: 4/5

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