Best gimbal head: we review 6 top models to see which is best for your large lenses

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    Best gimbal head: 05 Wimberley WH-200 Mk II

    Best gimbal head: 05 Wimberley WH-200 Mk II

    Price: £520, $600
    The renowned Wimberley is simply superb. It’s slightly heavier than the Custom Brackets Gimbal LS, at 1.43kg, but it feels super-strong.

    Pan and tilt operations are amazingly smooth and, unlike the original version of the head, on the MK II the clamping knobs are both on the same side, making for easier, more intuitive control.

    The level of stability is second to none, even when using hefty camera and lens combinations. The Arca-Swiss-style quick-release platform is excellently engineered, but no quick-release plate is supplied.

    Instead, Wimberley manufactures several mounting plates to suit specific makes and models of lenses, each of which costs around Price: £55 ($60).


    Pros… Rock-solid support, fabulous smoothness for both pan and tilt.
    Cons… Expensive to buy and quick-release plates cost extra.
    WE say… Fully professional build quality and performance is reflected in the price.

    Score: 5/5

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