Best gimbal head: we review 6 top models to see which is best for your large lenses

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    Best gimbal head: 04 Triopo DG-3 Gimbal Head

    Best gimbal head: 04 Triopo DG-3 Gimbal Head

    Price: £200, $230
    A more conventional gimbal design than either of the Benro heads, the DG-3 works in essentially the same way as the Custom Brackets and Wimberley heads. The lens attaches with its tripod foot pointing downwards.

    You’d usually use the mounting plate at the bottom of its travel, but it can be raised and locked in place to allow greater tilt angles.

    Overall construction is reasonably sturdy, with an overall weight of 1.4kg and a maximum load rating of 10kg. However, the tilt facility is very stiff in operation.

    By stark contrast, if the locking screw on the lens’s quick-release mechanism is slackened off by just a very small amount, it can literally fall out altogether.


    Pros… Competitively priced, feels solid in operation.
    Cons… Tilt function is very stiff, quick-release mechanism is poorly designed.
    WE say… With a couple of tweaks in its design, this would be a great value buy.

    Score: 3/5

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