Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

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    Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

    13. Take your time

    Photography is an art that shouldn’t be rushed. It takes time to find your feet and discover your niche – don’t rush it.

    14. Don’t expect great results every time

    If you expect to take fantastic photographs every time you click the shutter release, you’ll become disheartened very quickly. No photographer, no matter how long they’ve been taking pictures, takes a great shot every time. Most photographers will take hundreds of photographs in one photo shoot, and only a small percentage of those will be good enough to use.

    15. Market yourself

    Professional photographers also need to learn to be good marketing people. You need to be able to sell yourself and the work you do in order to make it in the world of professional photography. This means you will need to understand how to promote yourself online using websites and various social media platforms, as well as pitching yourself for certain work. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and reach out to people.

    16. Analyse the competition

    It’s always a good idea to have a good knowledge of your competition – this can help you to develop a niche, and maybe even offer clients a service that will give you an advantage.

    17. Be a self-critic

    It pays to be critical of your own work. By doing so you can learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Furthermore this will help you to cut down your portfolio to showcase only your very best work.

    18. You never stop learning

    You might get to a point in your photography where you think you know it all. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that we’ve never learnt enough. This is even more the case as technology continues to advance – we too have to advance what we know in order to stay ahead with the times.


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