Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

7. Pay attention to colour pallets

Sometimes people can overlook colour pallets when composing a shot, when in fact it is a crucial part of any photograph. Think about how certain colours in a scene work together, and how to position them for the best impact.

8. Available and natural light can be just as effective as lightboxes and off-camera flash

Lightboxes and off-camera flash units can make a huge difference to your photographs, but don’t forget how to work with natural light, which can be just as effective if you have the right conditions. Many food photographers, for example, prefer to use natural light to take their shots.

9. Pay attention to where the sun is

When shooting outdoors, it’s essential to pay attention to the position of the sun in the sky when it comes to lighting your subjects (providing you’re not photographing at night!). Typically, the best time to shoot is when the sun is near the horizon, as this often results in more atmospheric images with softer shadows and highlights.

10. Don’t be afraid to experiment

There are certain rules in photography (such as the rule of thirds) that can help us to capture better shots. But that doesn’t mean we can’t sometimes throw those rules out of the window and experiment with different angles and compositions.

11. Understand your subject matter

The best way to capture fantastic photographs is to understand your subject, whether that’s landscape, animals, people, or sport. If you understand what you are photographing, you already have a distinct advantage in being able to know when to shoot, where to stand for a good shot, and how to work with the environment around you in order to capture the picture.

12. Photograph your passions

Some of the best advice we can offer is to photograph what you are passionate about, be that a sport, wildlife, or food. Do this, and your passion will be expressed through the photographs you take, most likely giving you the best results.


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