Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

Hindsight is a wonderful thing… or at least it would be if we could go back in time and tell ourselves then what we’ve discovered since!

But perhaps it’s not too late for you. In their latest guest blog post, the team at Photoventure has spoken to the pros and discovered the 18 things they really wish they knew when they were starting out in photography. Take these points on board and learn from their mistakes!

Professional photographers: 18 things we wish we knew as beginners

1. Planning before the shoot

We can’t emphasise enough how important the planning stage is prior to a shoot of any kind. It can be anything from a portrait to a landscape – scheduling and timing is paramount; turn up late for a shoot with a client, and they might never give you work again; turn up late to shoot a landscape, and you’ll find that the perfect sunset waits for no one.

You might also want to consider putting a checklist together just to ensure that you have all the kit you need – there’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your location and finding that you really need an additional piece of kit.

2. You don’t need expensive high-end kit to take good pictures

Some are convinced that how good your photographs are is really down to the camera you use and believe the principle of ‘a photographer is only as good as her camera’. Well, having high-end kit can certainly help make your shots look great, but without the creative eye of the photographer, it will never be a great picture.

3. Don’t rely on editing your pictures

As photo editing software gets more advanced, it becomes increasingly tempting to get lazier with your photography and edit any mistakes or make further enhancements on your computer. We’re certainly not against photo editing here at Photoventure – in fact we advocate it!

However we like to remind ourselves not to simply rely on Photoshop all the time – learning how to achieve certain effects in-camera can go a long way to improving our skill as a photographer.

4. Don’t get preoccupied with technicalities – capturing the moment is more important

In our mission to become better photographers, it can be easy to fall into the trap of over-thinking certain shots with the technical details of your camera settings. Of course, it’s important to learn about what your camera is capable of, and to understand what settings to choose for certain shots, but spend too much time thinking about this and you risk missing the moment you’re trying to capture altogether.

5. Carry a spare battery

It’s a simple tip, but easy to forget. Make carrying around a spare battery something that is part of your routine – and make sure it’s always fully charged! There’s nothing worse than being outdoors somewhere remote, surrounded by amazing scenery, but without the means to capture it.

6. Don’t overdo ND and polarising filters

Used in the right way, ND and polarising filters can make your shots look stunning and very professional. Overdo it though, and the effect is quite the opposite.


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