Dull day photography: what (and how) to shoot when the sun isn’t shining

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    Three essential tips for shooting in dull weather

    Three essential tips for shooting in dull weather

    Convert to mono
    Coastal scenes and waterfalls photographed in overcast light are very good candidates for conversion to monochrome. In Photoshop, use Image> Adjustments>Black & White and try adding contrast for a more dramatic effect.

    Stay rock steady
    Images taken at slow shutter speeds are prone to camera shake, so make sure your tripod is set firm. If necessary push the legs into soft ground. Enable mirror-lock to prevent internal camera vibrations and use a cable release or two second delay self-timer.

    Mind the splashes
    When shooting in rain or near splashing water it’s hard to avoid getting droplets on the front of the lens, especially one without a deep hood. Have a dry cloth handy to wipe the front of the lens clear before each shot, or shield it using an umbrella.

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