Dull day photography: what (and how) to shoot when the sun isn’t shining

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    Best subjects to shoot on dull days

    Three top subjects to try when the sun’s hiding

    Best subjects to shoot on dull days: moving water

    Moving water
    Find some fast-moving water and use a slow shutter speed to blur the flow. Fit a polarising filter to reduce some of the surface glare and add contrast, and aim for a shutter speed of around 0.5 to two seconds by setting a low ISO and small aperture.


    Best subjects to shoot on dull days: calm water

    Calm water
    Mirror calm water is a great way to add another dimension to your shots by creating a perfect reflection of the main subject. Mornings are good for this, when there is less chance of wind. Zoom in to crop out the sky, and try placing the water level on the thirds as well as centrally.


    Best subjects to shoot on dull days: landscape sections

    Landscape sections
    Use a short to mid telephoto lens to pick out smaller sections from within the landscape. By honing in on characteristic features it’s possible to convey the essence of location just as effectively as a wider shot, and in many cases the results have greater impact and more appeal.

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